Car Tape (2002)

by Lisa Miller



An album of covers.


released March 1, 2002

Produced by Lisa Miller and Shane O'Mara.

Recorded and mixed by Shane O'Mara at Yikesville, Melbourne at various times during the years 2000 and 2001.

ARIA Best Female Artist
ARIA Best Independent Release
ARIA Best Adult Contemporary Album

"An irresistible, smoky, four-in-the-morning voice ... a blissful experience" 4 1/2 stars
The Australian

"This is a sublime record." 4 stars
The Age, EG

"One of the most divine voices ever heard in Australia." 4 stars
Sunday Telegraph

"Like a thunderbolt out of the sky, bright, bold, beautiful, and awe-inspiring."
Beat Magazine, Album Of The Week

"Gloriously delicate."
Daily Telegraph

"Not a weak track on it"
Courier Mail

"A collection of tracks ideal for road reflection...but this CD is so good just listening at home is a great experience"
Sunday Herald-Sun

"It's triumph is in making compositions from neglected or forgotten figures sound like standards."

"So much hidden talent, it could almost make you cry."
Sydney Morning Herald

"A wonderful album, stacked with obscure songs and seductive melodies."

"Somewhere warm. That's just where Car Tape will take you."

"A collection of beautifully reworked rare tunes that whisper around the edges of your conscience"

"Car Tape is for the long drive. It will outlast a summer holiday up the coast and still be in the dashboard next Easter."

"Car Tape is just one of those ideas that's so simple it works a treat."
dB Magazine

"This will be a critical rave and could be a commercial success given half a chance."
Country Music Capital News

"This stunningly beautiful CD is the kind of dream record everybody wishes they had pumping out of their car stereo on a long road trip."
The West Australian

"The emphasis is on the essentials of mood and melody: Car Tape is arranged with a sparsity that aches."
Rolling Stone

"Pure midnight cabaret, conjuring up a musical mood that sticks to the lonely side of blue."
The Bulletin

"The passion, bravery and mastery with which she inhabited each song were transporting -- at times, it was as though you could feel her breath against your skin."
The Age, Live Review

"Raoul Records have really put out something here that has extra special quality."
Drum Media

"Beautifully bending these less than familiar tunes to her evocative style, tinged with sadness but still emotionally warm."
Rave Magazine

"Car Tape is already in my car CD rack." 4 stars
The Age Green Guide

"An absolutely beautiful female vocal with just the right amount of twang, gorgeous lilting guitars that rub the back of your neck so lightly they feel like the breeze, and outstanding renditions of songs.... Sublime."

"No affectations, just pure and and clear and dedicated to presenting the song in the best way possible."
in-Press Magazine

"Lisa Miller has got a new album. It's a concept album at the same time as it's a covers album, and it's very, very good."
Beat Magazine

"So potent are her vIsions, you'll be inspired to take a road trip."
Time Off

"When night falls on a road trip and your back-seat drivers are lolling and dreaming, this is the music you need."
Sunday Age

"Lisa's voice becomes better with each album and is absolutely sublime here."
Daily Telegraph

"Thirteen stunning interpretations, all with minimal instrumentation, subtly pushing Miller's wonderful voice to the fore."
Forte Magazine

"Songs sung with love, played with respect, and produced with originality. This album is set to become one of your future favourites."

"What a fascinating covers album. Nothing here is obvious."

"Miller's fetching country lilt and keening voice, and the considered and sympathetic accompaniment around her, renders each song with an almost reverential care. This is a lovely album for anyone who cares about quality." 8 stars
Financial Review

"One of the treasures of Melbourne's urban country underground, Lisa Miller has drawn another round of swooning reviews for her third album, Car Tape. Miller's pure fragile vocal quality reprises the vulnerable/invincible ladies of country from Patsy Cline to Emmylou Harris, without sounding like any of them."
Sydney City Search

"Critical acclaim for Car Tape is gaining momentum, as is Miller's reputation for sublime, miss-at-your-peril live performances."

"Thirteen beautifully rendered heartfelt songs, many of them rather obscure, and mainly laidback and sombre. The emotional performances and the song choices are what makes this album work. A lot of the songs deal with love and devotion to it. Miller's voice aches and yearns.... this is a great album, a late night album, thoughtful and reflective, not speeding down the highway. Maybe driving alone at night after a confused fight with a lover, or meeting someone new."


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